31 August 2011

IPhone render

Here is a render of an iPhone I modelled in blender 2.5. I decided to do a product visualisation type shot showing the front and back iPhone on a clean background.

I created an infinite backdrop and added a reflective material to this to create an even background for the product.

The iPhone model is not absolutely correct and has some problems as the transparency for the screen goes too far across model and this is quite noticeable due the specularity. The angle of the shadows could have been improved by changing the direction of the main light as they distract your eyes from the main focus of the phone.

The materials could be improved as the reflective material finishes a bit abruptly. I could spend more time fixing these things but I started the model a long time ago so I thought that I would just get it rendered.

I did some post processing to the image adding a vignette and glow to the phone screen using the compositor in blender.

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