17 August 2011

VW Samba Bus - Work in progress

VW Samba Bus modelled in blender 2.5. This wasn't created for any of the modules at university it was just a personal project. Shown are renderings of the model before adding the materials with basic lighting and AO (ambient occlusion).

I modelled the main structure of the campervan using box modelling and then used subdivision and extrusion modelling to add the detail. Using the mirror modifier kept the model symmetrical with any changes to one side being reflected on the other. A subsurf and edge split modifier were also used. Using a subsurf modifier increases the amount of polygons and smoothes the model, an edge split modifier sharpens edges, using median creases defines where these creases should be.

I modelled the lights, wipers, bumpers etc as separate objects and positioned them in place.

I had some problems with the roof and the front cab window, the problem with the roof was mainly caused because I added to many vertices too early on.

Next I will finish the inside of the campervan, I have modelled the seats and steering wheel but need to finish the inside walls. Once the mesh is finished I will apply the mirror modifier and then model the slide door. Once all the modelling is finished I will add the materials and relight the scene.

I have provided wireframes to show the underlying structure of the mesh.


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