5 August 2011

Modules 2nd year

Again below are the modules that I covered in the second year of my course, with a description of what was involved.
  • Digital Imaging
The module consisted of two parts. The first involved taking photos in particular photographic genres and then displaying the best final 12 photos and the second part was a group exercise to take photographs for a poster for a commercial style brief.
  • Principles of Video Production
This module was more advanced than the previous video module including techniques such as chroma keying and discussions about video formats, codecs and resolutions. Again this was a group project and involved having to plan, film and edit a 5min music video.
  • 2D Animation
This involved creating an animation based on Czechoslovakia 1968, the Prague spring. Flash CS4 was used to create the animation and it exported as MOV files at 720p HD. This time the animation had a narrative rather than just being a series of instructions.
  • Interaction and Usability
This module involved redesigning a user interface and making a prototype using Adobe Flash. I decided on a photo printing kiosk used for printing digital photos. The tasks that where involved were researching the users by asking questionnaires and storyboarding the layout and menu structure as well as looking at user experience and then creating the final prototype.
  • 3D Modelling and Animation
This module consisted of two modules in one, covering modelling and animation. Using Autodesk 3D Studio Max the assignment was to create an animated trailer for a James Bond film of choice. The task in the first 6 weeks was to create 3 models that could be used in the animation and the last 6 weeks were used to create the animation.
  • Design Methods and Technology Project
This involved designing a product, writing a report and creating a presentation. This design module detailed the processes of making a product and the steps used when designing a product. For this module I designed a digital clock that would have a different alarm for each day of the week.
  • Web Design
The assignment for this module was divided into two parts the web design and an essay about the impact of Ajax on the user experience of social networks. The web design section was split into a further three parts, creating the css for the website to match the image provided, creating a gallery using PHP, and creating an order form.
Some of modules will be covered in more detail in following posts along with examples of the work created.


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