7 August 2011

Learning and Skills Development for HE and Work

This module was to prepare students for university and later the world of work, learning necessary skills such as writing essays, referencing properly using the Harvard referencing system and making presentations.
The module contained two tasks, writing an essay and making a presentation.

The title of the essay that I wrote was “Is the overuse of CGI effects in film affecting film storylines?” Before writing the essay research was carried out in the form of a questionnaire and information was gathered from other sources such as books and the internet. These findings were then used to write the essay.

The presentation was a discussion about three important product designs that have made a significant impact on society. The three products that I chose were, TV, Telephone and the Apple iPod. Research was carried out and then the presentation was created.
A blog that I created at the time to for this module can be found here:

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