12 August 2011

Interaction and usability

This module involved redesigning a user interface and then creating a prototype using Adobe Flash. The goal of the project was to increase user satisfaction and experience for the person using the chosen system.

I decided on a photo printing kiosk used for printing digital photos. The first task was to find out about the users and the way they currently used the interface this was done using a questionnaire. The results from the questionnaire were used along with other research to decide on the menu structure for the interface once the target users had been identified.

The menu structure and flow through the interface was storyboarded and then this was discussed with typical users of the system before the prototype was created. The choices made when designing the user interface were backed up with the research carried out earlier.

In Flash UI components were used along with Actionscript to create the prototype that would represent how the interface would work.

The final prototype was then tested by target users of the system. If the project was to continue the more changes to the system would be made with this feedback in mind.

Screenshots from the prototype system are shown below.

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