10 August 2011

Digital imaging


In this module we had to take photos for 6 photographic genres these were,
  • Environmental portraiture
  • Landscapes
  • Movement
  • Macro/Still life
  • Studio portraiture
  • Night experimental
Each week we had to upload the images that we had taken to Flickr for the topic that we were learning about that week. The final 12 photos that were assessed had to include one photo from each of the 6 topics and then the last 6 could be from any of the topics. The final photos were edited in Photoshop where necessary.

The group project part of the module involved taking a series of photos to be used for a poster campaign for Drink Aware. The concept had to be planned and 4 photos taken to be used for the posters. The module did not involve actually having to make the posters just taking the photos.

The photos that I took for the digital imaging module were uploaded to Flickr. The photos on Flickr are the unedited versions of the images and are available here:


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