4 August 2011

Details on course and modules

As I have said in my earlier post I am studying BSc Multimedia, Animation and the Web and am now in my final year.

The modules that I studied in the first year of my course are listed below with a brief description of what was involved for each. The first year modules where mostly used to introduce subjects that would be built on over the next couple of years. The modules were split over the year with four modules in each semester.
  •  Digital Imaging Software
    This was video based for the first semester and then photography and basic Photoshop for the second. It involved creating a 3 min video in a group and then creating a leaflet and a poster for the second semester.
    • Learning and Skills Development for HE and Work
    In this module we learnt how to write essays, reference using Harvard referencing and learnt the skills needed for university. The module was assessed through writing an essay and creating a presentation.
    • Design Principles
    This involved working in a group to design a pet product. A Bee hive was chosen to be redesigned to encourage more people to keep bees.
    • Coding Concepts
    In this module we learnt basic coding principles by creating programs with Matlab. The assignment consisted of creating a steganography program, other programming challenges throughout the semester and an essay.
    • Introduction to Animation
    This involved using Adobe Flash CS4 to create an animation to display instructions of how to make a DIY photographic item such as a light tent. Each of the steps in the process were animated so that they were easy to follow.
    • Design for the Internet
    This covered basic web design and coding, including html, css and JavaScript and involved creating a simple website on a topic of choice using a table-less design.
    • Introduction to Sound
    This module introduced basic sound editing using Adobe Soundbooth CS4 and Audacity to create an audio report. This could be on anything but mine consisted of a children’s story, The Hare and the Tortoise, with sound effects.
    The next post will detail the modules in the second year of the course.


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