13 August 2011

3D Modelling and animation

This module involved using 3D Studio Max to create a 30 second animated trailer for a James Bond film of choice. I chose Casino Royale as I originally intended to base the trailer around the poker scene as this makes up most of the movie. I decided that this may not be a good choice as it would require lots of character animation that would not be good for my first time using the software. I also thought that it may be better to choose action packed scenes such as car chases and explosions as this is what is expected from a Bond movie so would be more likely included in a trailer.

I needed to choose some scenes from the movie that would be animated in 3D Studio Max. I chose the scene where Bond scales the crane chasing after the terrorist near the beginning of the film, the airport scene where Bond hangs on top of the jet fuel truck, and a scene in the casino.

I created 3 models, a crane, a jet fuel truck and a card table along with playing cards and poker chips to be used in these scenes. The first 6 weeks were spent creating these 3 models and learning 3DS Max. The 3 models had to be handed in to be accessed half way through the module.

I then had to create the rest of the models needed for the animation. I created the building structure, pipes and other objects in the crane scene, the bus, runway and flood lights for the airport scene and the room and chairs for the casino scene along with the human characters used in all of the three scenes.

I then started work on the final animation as well as learning how to animate using 3DS Max.

Mental Ray was used to render the animation. I used a daylight system and a mental ray sky for the crane scene, for the other scene I used normal lights.

The final outcome was OK but I think it could have used more animation as the characters are quite static but I didn’t have enough time to add this. Other parts of the animation could have been improved but I think that for a first attempt it turned out quite well.

A blog that I created at the time to display the progress of the project can be found here:


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