11 August 2011

2D animation

This was the second 2d animation module and also involved using Adobe Flash. The subject for the animation was Czechoslovakia 1968. This was a time in Czechoslovakian history known as the Prague spring and was a short period of liberalisation in the country after years of oppression. The freedom was short lived as shortly afterwards Warsaw pact troops invaded the country.

The animation consists of a child walking through the Czechoslovakian countryside as flowers grow around him. As the flowers die the colour fades from the animation.

In the animation the child symbolises the vulnerability of Czechoslovakia. The child grows up through the course of the animation this symbolises that people have had to live with this oppression all their lives as well as showing the passage of time though the history of the country.

The brightly coloured flowers symbolise freedom and reforms and as they die the colour drains out of the image showing the loss of this freedom. The seasons symbolise the cyclic nature of history of Czechoslovakia and the silhouettes in the background show events in Czech history.

I used Artrage to paint the backgrounds and Inkscape to draw the characters used in the animation and imported them into Flash. I used Pencil (frame by frame animation software) to create the large flower animation. To animate the character I used bones and then created a walk cycle that could be repeated through the animation.

When I finished the animation I exported it from Flash as MOV files and then imported these into Adobe Premiere Pro to edit them together and add the music to the animation.

The final animation was 2 minutes 45 seconds at a HD resolution at 720p. Some frames from the animation are shown below.


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