17 October 2011

Advanced Sound Techniques

The task in this module is to create a 3 minute soundscape, I created mine on Antarctica. Logic pro was used in the creation and the soundscape was composed of midi as well as apple loops.

8 October 2011

Virtual environments group project

The group project for this module involves creating an animation for the Guildhall in Finchingfield.

25 September 2011

Virtual environments

In this module there were two tasks. The first one was to create a model of my head with the use of some video tutorials and the second was a group project to create an animation about a Guildhall in Finchingfield.

22 September 2011

Back to uni

I am now going back to university to start on my final year and will add more posts when I have anything new to add.

1 September 2011

Chess set render

Here is a quick chess scene made in blender 2.5. To practice modelling I decided to model a chess set as most of the pieces are quite simple shapes. Some of the pieces had harder shapes and I had a bit of trouble with the Rook and the Queen but they turned out OK in the end. The bishop and Knight also caused problems and haven’t turned out that great, I simplified the design for the Knight but the Bishop looks a bit square at the top.

31 August 2011

IPhone render

Here is a render of an iPhone I modelled in blender 2.5. I decided to do a product visualisation type shot showing the front and back iPhone on a clean background.

18 August 2011

TARDIS – Work in progress

TARDIS modelled in blender 2.5. This is another personal project I decided to model this as it is an iconic object but also has quite a simple shape.

17 August 2011

VW Samba Bus - Work in progress

VW Samba Bus modelled in blender 2.5. This wasn't created for any of the modules at university it was just a personal project. Shown are renderings of the model before adding the materials with basic lighting and AO (ambient occlusion).

16 August 2011

Final year

The modules in the first semester of the final year are listed below.

15 August 2011

Web design

The first task was creating a CSS style sheet so that the design of the website would match an image that had been provided without editing the html file. Notes about the widths and colours were provided to help in creating this. This part of the assignment was quite straightforward and was completed quite quickly.

14 August 2011

Design Methods and Technology Project

This module involved redesigning a product or designing a new one. I decided to design a 7 day digital alarm clock that would allow 7 alarms to be set, one for each day.

13 August 2011

3D Modelling and animation

This module involved using 3D Studio Max to create a 30 second animated trailer for a James Bond film of choice. I chose Casino Royale as I originally intended to base the trailer around the poker scene as this makes up most of the movie. I decided that this may not be a good choice as it would require lots of character animation that would not be good for my first time using the software. I also thought that it may be better to choose action packed scenes such as car chases and explosions as this is what is expected from a Bond movie so would be more likely included in a trailer.

12 August 2011

Interaction and usability

This module involved redesigning a user interface and then creating a prototype using Adobe Flash. The goal of the project was to increase user satisfaction and experience for the person using the chosen system.

11 August 2011

2D animation

This was the second 2d animation module and also involved using Adobe Flash. The subject for the animation was Czechoslovakia 1968. This was a time in Czechoslovakian history known as the Prague spring and was a short period of liberalisation in the country after years of oppression. The freedom was short lived as shortly afterwards Warsaw pact troops invaded the country.

10 August 2011

Digital imaging


In this module we had to take photos for 6 photographic genres these were,
  • Environmental portraiture
  • Landscapes
  • Movement
  • Macro/Still life
  • Studio portraiture
  • Night experimental

9 August 2011

Introduction to animation

This module consisted of creating an animation to illustrate how to make a DIY photographic item such as a light tent.

8 August 2011

Design principals

This module involved working in a group to design a pet product. In the group we decided on a bee hive to encourage more people to keep bees. We thought that it would be unusual and with bees dying out it would be a good thing to get more people to own bees.

7 August 2011

Learning and Skills Development for HE and Work

This module was to prepare students for university and later the world of work, learning necessary skills such as writing essays, referencing properly using the Harvard referencing system and making presentations.

6 August 2011

Digital Imaging Software

The video part of the module included the entire process of creating a 3min video, coming up with the idea, planning and storyboarding, filming and then editing the footage. The task was completed working in a group of 5 in the last 6 weeks of the module. The first 6 weeks of the module consisted of learning techniques and creating a 1 min video to practice what we had learnt.

5 August 2011

Modules 2nd year

Again below are the modules that I covered in the second year of my course, with a description of what was involved.

4 August 2011

Details on course and modules

As I have said in my earlier post I am studying BSc Multimedia, Animation and the Web and am now in my final year.

The modules that I studied in the first year of my course are listed below with a brief description of what was involved for each. The first year modules where mostly used to introduce subjects that would be built on over the next couple of years. The modules were split over the year with four modules in each semester.

3 August 2011


Welcome to the personal blog of Andrew Bonnington. This blog was created to showcase my current work while studying at university to show to prospective employers and to provide a place for other people who may be interested to view it.
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