12 February 2012

Virtual environments group project - video

Here is the video created for the group project of the virtual environments module. This is a shorter version of the complete animation we created as we felt that this version worked better as it was more concise. The full animation included a walkthrough after this section.

For more information see earlier post:

5 February 2012

Undergraduate Major Project

For the undergraduate major project I have to write a 10,000 word dissertation on a subject of my choice related to the course.

Mine is related to 3d animation. The hypothesis for my dissertation is: The use of body language plays a large role in creating a believable animated character.

I will model and rig a character to be used in this for this project. I will animate the character and use a questionnaire to see whether the use of body language in the animation helps to make it more believable and better portrays the emotion of the character.
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