20 May 2012

iPod - critique

I modelled this iPod in Blender 2.49 quite early on in my use of 3d modelling software when I was still when learning.

Looking back at the image now I notice that there are couple of problems with the iPod mesh and the mug doesn’t look that well modelled.

I haven’t used bump maps to create the texture for the table and the materials are just the default settings with the colours changed, the screen is not shiny and the tea looks flat.

I added the mug to the scene as I thought that it looked a bit empty with just the iPod but I think that the composition could be improved. I wanted the shadow from the mug to cast into the image and positioned the mug so that it created the best shadow. I think that the mug distracts a bit from the iPod and so should be further back.

The headphone cable draws your eye to the iPod but I think it could do with some DOF (depth of field) to blur the background that would in turn emphasise the iPod as the subject.

I did use AO and soft shadows that I think have improved the realism of the image.

I think that this render was quite good for my ability at the time and I may update this model and re-render it with improved lighting and composition. When I do I will post it on this blog.

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