25 September 2011

Virtual environments

In this module there were two tasks. The first one was to create a model of my head with the use of some video tutorials and the second was a group project to create an animation about a Guildhall in Finchingfield.

22 September 2011

Back to uni

I am now going back to university to start on my final year and will add more posts when I have anything new to add.

1 September 2011

Chess set render

Here is a quick chess scene made in blender 2.5. To practice modelling I decided to model a chess set as most of the pieces are quite simple shapes. Some of the pieces had harder shapes and I had a bit of trouble with the Rook and the Queen but they turned out OK in the end. The bishop and Knight also caused problems and haven’t turned out that great, I simplified the design for the Knight but the Bishop looks a bit square at the top.
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