9 August 2011

Introduction to animation

This module consisted of creating an animation to illustrate how to make a DIY photographic item such as a light tent.

The light tent consisted of a cardboard box with rectangular sections cut out of the sides and tracing paper stuck over these holes. A product would be placed inside the box and desk lamps or flash heads positioned around the outside of the box. The tracing paper would soften the light reaching the product and evenly light the product allowing a nice photo to be taken.

Adobe Flash CS4 was used for the animation and part of the module involved learning the software. I also used Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape to draw out some of the images before importing them into Flash. I made the light tent in real life so that I would have a better idea of the steps involved in making the light tent. Using this knowledge I created storyboards to plan the animation.

The animation consisted of a written instruction and then an animation to show the step. Using actionscript I created buttons so the viewer could pause and skip the steps in the animation. I also made a scene selection page where the user could select which step to display, making it easy for them to see the step that they are currently on in making the light tent.

A selection of frames from the animation are shown below.


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